Term Courses Instructors
Fall Historiography: Themes in Its History and Approaches to Its Theory Daniel Ziemann
Istvan Rev
Ioana Macrea-Toma
Winter South-East European History in Context: Problems and Debates Roumen Dontchev Daskalov
Winter South-East European History in Context: Problems and Debates Roumen Dontchev Daskalov
Fall The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1848-1918). History and Memory András Gerő
Fall, Winter Academic Writing Eszter Timár
Robin Bellers
Fall Advanced German Source Reading in Historiography Carsten L. Wilke
Fall Advanced Hungarian Source Reading in Historiography Miklos Lojko
Fall Advanced Russian Source Reading in Historiography Olga Zaslavskaya
Karl Hall
Winter Arts and Politics: Modernism and Modernity in European Art Ilona Sarmany-Parsons
Fall Central European History in Context: Problems and Debates Maciej Janowski
Winter Cities, the Public Sphere and Scientific Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Europe Katalin Straner
Fall Colloquium: Soviet History Today Karl Hall
Fall Comparative Approaches to Historical Research Constantin Iordachi
Winter Early Modern Utopianism: State Formation, Fiction, and the Social Sciences Julianne Werlin
Winter East and West of Europe in Comparison: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France in XVth – XIXth Centuries Mikhail V. Dmitriev
Winter Empire and Nationalism in Russia and the Soviet Union Alexei Miller
Fall Ethnicity and the State, 18th – 21st Centuries Maciej Janowski
Winter European Labor History in Global Context from the 18th Century to the Present Marsha Siefert
Susan Zimmermann
Winter Everyday Life History In Empire and Beyond Tolga U. Esmer
Fall Governance and Improvement. State, Society and Legitimacy from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment Laszlo Kontler
Fall Intellectuals and the Great War Karl Hall
Fall MA Thesis Seminar Carsten L. Wilke
Winter Making of the Modern Body Emese Lafferton
Fall Media, Communication and Communism in International Context Marsha Siefert
Medieval Codicology Anna Somfai
Winter Modernization and Under-Development in Eastern Europe Roumen Dontchev Daskalov
Nature, People and Society in the Middle Ages Alice Mathea Choyke
Pagan-Christian Philosophical Debates in Late Antiquity: The Nature of the Divine and the Nature of the World István Perczel
Fall Political Theology – Ancient and Modern Matthias Riedl
György Geréby
Fall Problems and Paradigms in Jewish Studies: How to write on Jewish Subjects Carsten L. Wilke
Fall Race and Science Emese Lafferton
Fall Realism after Socialism: Art, Politics, and Communication in the Soviet Sphere, 1945-present Angelina Lucento
Reformation, Tolerance, Heterododxy in Early Modern Europe Gyorgy E. Szonyi
Reforms, Revolutions and Transformations: The “New Europe” since the 1980s Philipp Ther
Religion and Society in Late Antiquity (4th-9th centuries) Marianne Sághy
Winter Revisiting Communism: Can Economics Help? Janos Matyas Kovacs (IWM Vienna)
Fall Social and Economic History of 20th Century East Central Europe: Comparative Perspectives Bela Tomka
Winter Social History of European Jewry in Comparative Perspective Carsten L. Wilke
Fall Socialist Youth in the 1960s and 1970s Marko Zubak
Winter The Atomic Age Karl Hall
The Bible for Medievalists György Geréby
Fall The Budapest-Vienna Special Seminar: Revolution as a historical phenomenon Philipp Ther
Maciej Janowski
Fall The Great War and Its Consequences: One Hundred Years Later Julian Casanova
Winter The Metropolis: A Social and Cultural History Gabor Gyani
Fall The Ottoman Balkans and Its Legacies in Comparative Perspectives Tolga U. Esmer
Winter The Reason of the Clerks: Dilemmas of Intellectual Authority in East Central Europe after 1917 Karl Hall
The Reason of the Clerks: Dilemmas of Intellectual Authority in East Central Europe after 1917 Karl Hall
Fall Topical Survey Course: Empires Tolga U. Esmer
Niels Gaul
Fall Topical Survey Course: Science and Religion Karl Hall
Marianne Saghy
Fall Topical Survey Course: Social Distinctions, An introduction into the historical study of social stratification and inequality Victor Karady
Gerhard Jaritz
Fall Totalitarianism and Mass Politics: Comparative Perspectives on Fascism and Communism Constantin Iordachi
TS: Empires Niels Gaul
Tolga U. Esmer
Fall Women’s and Gender History: An Introduction to Theory, Methods and Archives Francisca de Haan
Fall Words and Images. The Idea of History and the Mediality of Culture György Szőnyi