Term Courses Instructors
Winter South-East European History in Context: Problems and Debates Roumen Dontchev Daskalov
Fall "Though this be madness, yet there is method in it"; Cold War fantasies Istvan Rev
Ioana Macrea-Toma
Fall 2YMA Academic Writing Miklos Lojko
Fall A Disintegrated Integration: The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1848-1918) András Gerő
Fall Academic Writing for Comparative History, 2-Year MA Program; Documentation, Argumentation, and Academic Prose Style Judith Rasson
Fall Academic Writing I. Robin Bellers
Eszter Timár
Fall, Winter Advanced German Source Reading in Historiography Carsten L. Wilke
Fall, Winter Advanced Hungarian Source Reading in Historiography Miklos Lojko
Fall Approaching Religion Aziz Alazmeh
Winter Arts and Politics: Modernism and Modernity in European Art Ilona Sarmany-Parsons
Fall Backwardness and Periphery in Europe, 18th - 21st Century Maciej Janowski
Winter Bookish Traditions: Authority and the Book in Scripturalist Religions Aziz Alazmeh
Winter Borderlands in Islamic and Ottoman History Tolga U. Esmer
Fall Central European History in Context: Problems and Debates Maciej Janowski
Fall Comparative Approaches to Historical Research Constantin Iordachi
Fall Cultural Politics and Contested Identities in Eastern European Borderlands in the Long Nineteenth Century Ostap Sereda
Winter Cultures of Remembrance and Documentary Cinema in Socialist and Post-Socialist East-Central Europe Oksana Sarkisova
Winter East European History in Context: Problems and Debates Karl Hall
Alexei Miller
Fall Ethnogenesis, Nation, Nation-Bulding. New Developments in Historical Research Balázs Trencsényi
Daniel Ziemann
Fall Europe against Europe, 1914-1945 Julián Casanova
Fall Everyday Life History In Empire and Beyond Tolga U. Esmer
Fall Gendered Memories of Holocaust Andrea Peto
Darcy Buerkle
Winter Historical Mapping and Geographic Information Systems Viktor Lagutov
Winter Historiography II: Grand Debates in Eastern Mediterranean History: THE MEDITERRANEAN AND MEDITERRANEANISMS: Explorations in the History of a Concept Tolga U. Esmer
Winter Historiography II: Grand Debates on Issues of the History of Central Europe Marcell Sebők
Fall Historiography: Themes in Its History and Approaches to Its Theory (MATILDA) Aziz Alazmeh
Laszlo Kontler
Winter Imperial Order and Nationalism in Contiguous Empires: A Comparative Perspective Alexei Miller
Fall Individual Review Assignment Miklos Lojko
Winter Interdisciplinary Methodology of Historical Research: An Introduction Daniel Ziemann
Fall Introduction to Western Esotericism György E. Szőnyi
Winter Islam & Eastern Christianity: History, Politics and Tradition Nadia Al-Bagdadi
Volker Menze
Spring, Winter MA Thesis Planning Seminar Karl Hall
József Laszlovszky
Fall MA Thesis Seminar I. Carsten L. Wilke
Winter MA Thesis Seminar II Karl Hall
Winter Modernization and Under-Development in Eastern Europe Roumen Dontchev Daskalov
Winter Negotiating Knowledge in the 13-19th Centuries: From Scholasticism to the Rise of Modern Disciplines Laszlo Kontler
Marcell Sebők
Fall Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Historical Texts, Paleography, and Historiography Tolga U. Esmer
Fall Paths to Jewish Emancipation Carsten L. Wilke
Fall PhD Tutorial I Alfred J. Rieber
Fall Philosophical Issues in Science and Social Science
Fall Political Modernities and Nation-Building in Central and Southeast Europe: Texts and Contexts Balázs Trencsényi
Winter Political order, Territory, Population: New Frontiers of the State in the late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic Noemi Levy-Aksu
Fall Religious and Cultural Transfers Across the Eastern Mediterranean Nadia Al-Bagdadi
Carsten L. Wilke
Winter Revisiting Communism: Can Economics Help? Janos Matyas Kovacs (IWM Vienna)
Fall Sense and sensibility: Topics in intellectual history of Central and Eastern Europe Karl Hall
Winter Servus Servorum – The Papacy (from St. Peter - 1200) I: From the Origins to the 9th Century Daniel Ziemann
Winter Social and Economic History of East Central Europe Jacek Kochanowicz
Winter Social History of European Jewry in Comparative Perspective Carsten L. Wilke
Fall The Budapest-Vienna Special Seminar: Part I - Imperial Metropoles - Habsburg and Ottoman Cities in the Long 19th Century Nadia Al-Bagdadi
Markian Prokopovych
Winter The Metropolis: A Social and Cultural History Gabor Gyani
Winter The Orthodox Church and the Modern State in Eastern Europe Anca Sincan
Winter The Renaissance In East-Central Europe: Culture, Institutions, Representations György E. Szőnyi
Fall Third Year PhD Research Seminar Susan Zimmermann
Spring Topical Seminar: Science and Religion Karl Hall
Aziz Alazmeh
Fall Totalitarianism and Mass Politics: Comparative Perspectives on Fascism and Communism Constantin Iordachi
Fall Urban History Katalin Szende
Gabor Gyani
Fall Women’s and Gender History: An Introduction to Theory, Methods and Archives Francisca de Haan
Fall Writing Intellectual History in East-Central Europe, 1945-2000 Balázs Trencsényi